Welcome to
'Pagans in Politics'

This site is intended to provide information for the betterment of life and lifestyle, and a discussion place for Pagans of any belief or path and whatever non-Pagans come by, too.

First, let's define "Pagan" .... According to Webster's Dictionary, a "pagan" is anyone who believes in the existance or possible existance of or follows the teachings/laws of any deity not of the Abramic tradition.

Okay - next question is .... "Abramic? What the frack is that?" Well, "Abramic" means any religion or belief that has the prophet Abram/Avram/Abraham in its tradition or sourcing. That means Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Bahá'i.... There are also all the various sects and offshoots of these, as well.

Back to "What's a Pagan?" A Pagan religion/belief/path can be ....
- monotheistic (male- or female-dominated),
- duotheistic (usually a shared male/female partnership;
sometimes a main deity with an attendant deity of the opposite gender),
- polytheistic (all bets are off here as to number or gender),
- and/or pantheistic (all Ye, all Ye out's in free!).

Now for the other half of the name.... "Politics". The word has its roots in the Greek "polis" meaning "city" so, in essence, it means having to do with the city, not the buildings but the community - the people themselves. Let's get back to that kind of thinking, eh?